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Restore a functional and aesthetic set of teeth

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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the art of preventing and correcting dental malpositions and jaw dysmorphoses to find and maintain a harmonious dental balance.

Orthodontics, why?

The dentofacial orthodontics aims at restoring a functional and aesthetic set of teeth. It also has a preventive role.

Teeth aligned without space or misdirection make hygiene easier, thus reducing the risk of caries and periodontal problems. A good bite will enable better chewing, better speech and better health.

Orthodontics, how?

When a force is regularly applied on a tooth, it transmits the information to the alveolar bone through the periodontal ligament. The alveolar bone will adapt: where it is "pressed", it retracts. Where it is "pulled", it extends.

This explains the harmful effect of thumb sucking as well as the therapeutic effect of an orthodontic device.

Orthodontics, when?

At any age.
Good periodontal health and good hygiene are essential for a good result.

In most cases it is the dentist who draws your attention to the fact that your child or yourself would need or not an orthodontic treatment. It depends on how the permanent teeth are placed.

The orthodontist, as a specialist trained in dentofacial orthopedics, will conduct the treatment aiming at correcting the plastic defects of the teeth. Orthodontics consultations can be considered from the age of eight onwards if problems are anticipated.

For the French “Sécurité Sociale”, the limit age for the management of orthodontic treatment is 16 years old, that is why it is advisable to make an appointment with an orthodontist before your child turns 16.

We speak English, Swedish, Russian, Ukranian and French.

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